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si—fi abstract NO.1

oil on linen

100cm x 100cm

it make no sence_2019_100x80cm_oil on ca

it make no sence

oil on linen

100cm x 80cm


Immortality NO30 Nano Human

oil on linen

3634 x 6000 pixel

Immortality No.25 40x60cm 布面油画 2019 copy

Immortality NO.34 

oil on linen

40cm x 60cm

Immortality._No.27 5629x4000 p 320DPI co

Immortality NO.27 


ImmortalityNo.36 152x122cm 布面油画 2018 cop

Immortality NO.36 

oil on linen

152cm x 122cm

2019-03-08 16.57.13.jpg

Immortality NO.33 

oil on linen

50cm x 60cm

不朽 43 101.jpeg

Immortality NO.44

oil on linen

100cm x 80cm

All the picture, only Haijin Sun have copy right©

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