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Interactive edible installation
-the tree sap


Hello everyone, I am an artist, I will talk about the idea of the installation art work of mine:THE TREE SAP. In 2017 I residence in BigCi in Australia. I found the tree sap texture in blue mountain is very similar to Chinese food sweet and sour pork, this food represents the Chinese culture. I like trees, I like food, so I made a decision to do an installation with Chinese food. Interacting with my installation TREE SAPThe works "TREE SAP NO.2"is new works, compared with TREE SAP, I add a new media which texture is similar with sweet and sour pork to separate tree and pork. Every day after the exhibition, I will clean the installation,and put fresh food on it,to show Interactive edible  installation art in wet weather for half month.

TREE SAP-1.jpg
TREE SAP-2.jpg

the "tree sap"

made by sweet and sour pork


TREE SAP-4.jpg
TREE SAP-3.jpg
TREE SAP-5.jpg

The Tree Sap NO.2

TREE SAP NO.2-1.jpg
TREE SAP NO.2-2.jpg
TREE SAP NO.2-3.jpg

All the picture, only Haijin Sun have copy right©

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