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haijin sun online shop

This is haijin online shop Page. We sell 4 kinds of products online,all the paper products without foam board. canvas products with out inner frame, all online order we will Roll up and add a box for shipping. 

1: Reproduction on paper (250g), made by 4 color machine, 8x10inch, 9x12inch,12x16inch(image size), 15$~35$ 

2: Reproduction on cotton (450g)made by 12 color machine, museum quality ,18x24inch(image size), 250$

3: digital limited paper original, made by 4 color machine, limited number, 11x17inch &12x16inch,35$ 

4: digital limited Giclee (canvas) original, made by 12 color machine, limited number, museum quality, 20x30inch, 249$

All the products have signature by haijinsun, all the size is image size. All paper products have been stamped.  digital reproduction on canvas (giclee) 20x30inch order after 1mouth to ship

1: Reproduction on Paper 

2: Reproduction on Cotton

3: Digital Limited Paper Original

4: Digital Limited Giclee (canvas) Original

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